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YC Series Chest Flat Work lroner is another newly developed chest ironer being added into our product line recently.It has fixed roller and elevating chest Rollers are fitted with imported spiral spring cushion support and felt padding is being tightly wrapped round the entire roller surface.Patented elvating mechanism of chest unit allows even ironing pressure being applied through out the whole usable ironing surace and width of the chest,resulting in good flat ironing work.

●Only imported high quality VFD controller is being chosen and incorporated into the contorl system.It allows reliable continuous smooth ironing speed adjustment.
●Utilizes differential front and rear roller speed principle to give a "straightening pull effect" to the fabric during ironing so that good flat work result can be obtained.
●Well polished chest surface finishing with large heating area to allow fast heat-up.
●Fully enclosed humidity control system improves working environment and physical look of the flat work ironer.
●Adjustable ironing pressure to suit different type of flat work items.
●High quality steam trap system which enhances heating efficiency resulting in higher output with lower operating cost.
●Different ironer capacties are available for selection.VIZ;Roller diameter ranging from 1000,800 and 500mm.Ironing width ranging from 2500mm tO 3300mm number of roller range from 1 to2.

型号 Model Y3000IIZC80 Y3000IZC80 Y3300IIZC80 Y3300IZC80
电源电压(V/Hz) Power supply AC 380/50 AC 380/50 AC 380/50 AC 380/50
总功率(KW) Tatal power 12 6.25 12 6.25
辊筒长度(mm) Rollar length 3000 3000 3300 3300
辊筒直径(mm) Rollar diameter 800 800 800 800
送进速度(m/min) Feeding speed 5-25 3-15 5-25 3-15
进蒸汽压力(Mpa) Steam pressure 7.5-8.5 7.5-8.5 7.5-8.5 7.5-8.5
进空气压力(Mpa) Compressed air pressure 4.5-5.5 4.5-5.5 4.5-5.5 4.5-5.5
耗蒸汽量(kg/h) Steam consumption 200 120 220 130
外形尺寸    (mm) Extermal dimension H 1600 1600 1600 1600
D 3500 2200 3500 2200
W 4120 4120 4420 4420
整体重量(kg) Machine weight 6800 3600 7000 3800

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